Isis Energy Channeling

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Like the Egyptian goddess Isis, who joined together her husband Osiris, Isis can bring together all those different aspects of yourself. She can show you new ways to connect HEART and MIND.

In the sessions, energy is transmitted through the spoken word: the heart is touched and the mind can follow because it can understand the content of the words. This helps to experience what is happening in your life as the ONE HEART and the ONE SPIRIT being at work.

Heart and mind can be freed from separation and connected in holy communion, transforming pain into love and allowing for new perspectives and creations.

Transformation of

  • Situations where you feel stuck
  • Conflicts
  • Relationship problems
  • Difficult decisions
  • Difficult emotions, fears

Clarification of

  • The heart’s desires/ truth
  • Goals
  • Purpose and vision

SESSION: 1 hr. 130.- Fr.