Measured effects

Neurofeedback:  My brain waves were measured with neurofeedback devices while I was looking at one of my paintings:

  • Effect on the beta frequency and the sensorimotor rhythm = active awake state and relaxed meditative awake state: energizing effect
  • Effect on the delta frequency = Deep sleep, yogis are more often in delta during deep meditation/trance:  Relaxation and slightly altered state of consciousness

Radiesthesia: Rene Naef, Engineer and radiesthesist: These card sets are mandalas (multipolar symbols) with a strong effect, showing a strong variability in intensity, polarisation and wave length over time.

Most well-known card systems have a static and specific effect within a certain frequency spectrum, whereas the Nenergetics® system works with information modulating dynamically over time (information = structured energy vortexes) and affects users on the levels of body, soul and spirit according to their openness.

Feedback of the psychologist at a Workshop with patients at the psychiatric day clinic, Liestal: «I am happy to give you a short feedback of your presentation at our day clinic. From what I observed with the participating patients – also when talking to them afterwards– there was a good echo with great fascination especially regarding the effect of your paintings which was sensed physically.  Although the subject required a great amount of concentration, because it was unknown to us all, most patients participated actively until the end. I found your work very interesting and something we could all experience really well, which fascinated me as well. M.

Pictures of Water: Distilled water (= dead) was placed on one of T. Lüscher’s energy paintings. Then pictures were taken with a special technique (by E.F. Braun, inspired by Emoto’s method). Without the influence of higher frequencies distilled water is hardly able to create appealing shapes.


J.L., Mother

„My boys picked a card from the set for children (to their liking) and since Sunday they all have it in their beds. From then on, they now sleep much longer in the mornings, so I have to actually wake them for school and kindergarden. (The children had difficulties sleeping)”

Yvonne H., Therapist

“I experienced Tina Lüscher-Richter as a wonderful artist and gifted woman for the subtle work with the nervous system!”

Sonja A., Therapist

„Often a card helps me to become aware of something and to take a next step.“

B., Therapist

Currently, I am working with the transformers (cards from the Nenergy card set) and I immediately feel the resonance as warmth in my chakras.”


René N., Engineer and radiesthesist

„…this seemingly multidimensional effect opens up a large scope of application in radionic vibrational medicine and the harmonization of houses and land.“