Energy Paintings

In my paintings all levels of human experience are represented and connected, in a similar way as it is in humans. You could therefore describe them as being «dynamic and alive». They adapt according to the relationship of the observer and their resonance.

My paintings affect the energetic level, the level where we connect with life. It is not necessary to look at them, you can also place them on your body, like healing stones.

They affect the nervous system and the entire energy body, including the matrix holding everything together.

The paintings can be used diagnostically and also to create energetic effects in rooms and houses. Ideal for healing spaces like clinics and hospitals or medical offices.

Drawing a card

  • Allow the card to affect you. Receive it in your heart. Maybe you can also feel its energy? It has an effect on your nervous system
  • The pictures create energetic vortexes dissolving patterns and creating new ones. The picture can give you a direct feedback, because it looks “different” afterwards which helps integrate changes.
  • I have been using the cards for over 20 years in my practice. Time and again, I have seen the strong and quite specific effect they can have, often to the surprise of me and my clients. Spontaneous remissions have been observed.